Lamda Technology collaborates and represents a number of manufacturers and vendors in order to provide integrated quality solutions in fibre network implementation. Through a wide range of products our aim as to cover the needs of telecommunication network construction (MAN, Campus, WAN, FTTx), providing solutions to operators, installers and constructors.


Optical Fiber Cables

optical fiber cable

Passive Equipment

passive equipment

Active Equipment

active equipment

Telecom Cabinets

telecom cabinets



  1. Optical Fiber Cables
  2. Passive optical elements
  3. Active network elements
  4. Telecom Cabinets

There are different types of optical fibers, each one suitable for different telecommunication needs. There are two main categories in respect to the transmission modes, the single mode and multi mode fibers.

The combination of the right optical fiber and cable construction can provide us with the cable that is suitable for each application.


  • Optical fiber
  • Indoor optical cables
  • Outdoor fiber optic cables
  • Air Blown fiber optic cables
  • Special fiber optic cables


  • Optical distribution frames
  • Optical fiber enclosures
  • Multi ducts
  • Optical patch cords and accessories
  • Splitters and multiplexers


  • Media converters
  • Switches
  • TDM/ IP multiplexers
  • FTTx solutions
  • C/ D -WDM equipment


By getting voice, video and data active equipment closer to the subscribers, a specially designed enclosure solution is required. Outdoor cabinets can offer this protected environment to meet the demands of network lay out or expansion, according to international standards and designed according to customer needs. This way electronics of active equipment or passive interconnection components are protected from environmental conditions or human acts.

The solutions provided can cover power (AC/DC control panel, batteries), temperature conditions (fan units, air conditioning, Heat exchanger, heater elements) as well as copper and optical fiber interconnection needs, through a flexible in size and configuration construction and certified cabinets or shelters.