The proper functioning of a network is based on operational design as well as on a correct installation and implementation. The passive part of the network should fulfil the actual needs of the users being able at the same time to support their continuously growing future requirements.

Optical fibres are more and more used in high traffic information links both for the connection of the network management centre to the network nodes and for the direct connection between end users. The appropriate choice of the active elements completes the network adding the features of security and speed.

Lamda Technology takes over the design and implementation of optical fibre networks as well as of copper cable networks. The services are provided by a highly qualified personnel combined with up-to-date technological equipment.

Our goals are to deliver a network that will comply with the international standards and fulfil the traffic information needs as well as to continuously support the network after the implementation phase. In some cases the necessity for network modifications and expansion causes operational problems to the network. Our company provides network maintenance so that unexpected failures and problems can be predicted and avoided.

Our clients include public administration buildings, university and higher education campus, military camps, hospitals, hotels, banks and industrial premises.



Network Design

network design

Network Infrastructure Installation


Consulting and Training






  1. Network Design
  2. Network Infrastructure Installation
  3. Technical Consulting and Training
  4. Maintenance

Creating a modern metropolitan or access network demands deep knowledge of telecommunications basics as well as a day-to-day contact with technological evolution. Lamda Technology provides technical know-how on optical network design and proposes network architecture solutions that follow the evolution of the carrier and the growing needs of its clients.

Our company provides support for the design of ring, mesh, SONET/SDH or DWDM networks. Being independent from telecom equipment manufacturers Lamda Technology can suggest the most appropriate technology for the needs of your network taking always into account the scalability of the proposed solution for future expansion.


Lamda Technology can offer optical fiber network infrastructure services, which include,  Installation Joint Termination Test and measurement Maintenance Our company uses equipment from well known vendors like, CBS, Sumitomo, Exfo etc. for cable/micro cable/EPFU duct blowing, fiber splicing, test and measurement. Providing integrated services we manage and construct backbone networks and link infrastructure, indoor and outdoor (cabinets) nodes, as long as installation of the active telecom equipment needed.


Lamda Technology offers training services on topics related to optical fiber technology, to operators, industrial and end users, that need a better understanding on: Transmission technology Optical components Optical fiber network implementation


In order to have an effective and long term fibre network performance you need measurement schedules. Lamda Technology offers monitoring solutions and maintenance services of optical fibre networks, detecting fibre degradation, alerting operations, proper plant documentation and management.